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The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

TECHNOLOGYPlatform: iPhone/Android
Language: Objective C/Java
X Code, Android Studio, Beacon Development

TYPE OF ServicesMobile App Development
Mobile App Maintenance



An USA based client wanted us to develop a mobile app which can interact with his customize hardware. with an interesting purpose, client wanted an app which can interact with his customized beacon, so once device will come in or go out of range of beacon area then super user can see current users locations and other details. For example parent is hiring a babysitter, as we know some babysitters are not professional so they may leave our child alone and we never know about this, but with this app you can get real-time feed from babysitter and baby, you can attach a custom beacon with baby and install this app in your mobile. After it you can set your custom beacon with relevant range in app, and you can set second user (your babysitter) for those custom beacon. If second user would go away from the range of your custom beacon then you will get notification in your app with his current location and other detail. Also client wanted to create multiple group for monitoring within app so that the app can be multi-purpose like IOT.

First client wanted us to understand mechanism of his customized beacon because client is going to provide his customized beacons to his customers, after it we need to develop role management within app and need to develop below features.

  • 1

    Primary (Super Admin) Users
    - User should be able to login or register.
    - After login they should be able to create his activity groups.
    - In those activity groups they must be able to see different devices (customized beacon) and it's particular range.
    - After it they should be able to send invitation to normal users from their phonebook.
    - After accepting invitation they should be able to see their activity feed within app.
    - When normal user would come or go out of device range then primary user should get activity feed with several details like his current location etc.

  • 2

    Secondary (Admin) Users:
    - This user would have all rights of primary user, but admin user will not be able to to create group, to set device and send invitation to other user
    - They should be able to accept invitation within app.
    - This user should be able to see activity feed of normal user.

  • 3

    Normal User
    - This user must have limited access in app, this user should be able to accept his invitation and see his own activity only.


ManekTech - Mobile App Development Company had developed following features in Beacon App

  • 1

    Integrate custom beacon device into app.

  • 2

    Developed all beacon related activities in app like tracking and many more.

  • 3

    Developed three different roles within app and allow them different permissions.

  • 4

    Provided device add functionality to primary user and also provide functionality for set range of each and every beacon device.

  • 5

    Developed user invitation portion and allow it to primary user.

  • 6

    Provided multiple group create functionality to primary user

  • 7

    Displays relevant user feeds to particular users.

  • 8

    Display users real time feed on map with relevant details.

  • 9

    Developed dev tools so admin can manage apps from it.

  • 10

    Integrate IOT (Internet of Things) concept within app.


The result was as expected, ManekTech had successfully developed Beacon App. Now, client is promoting this mobile app and his custom beacon device for various sectors, recently client had tied-up with their government sector and they are using this application on daily basis