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The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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A client based in Australia, wanted to create online Wedding Planner web application. The wedding planner should be easy to use and should have sharing feature with friend. Wedding is important for every person as well as extremely difficult to manage entire planning, so client wanted us to develop online solution which can allow user for finding Venue, Suppliers and Planning Tools like event planning, guest list, guest invitation, seating planner, to-do list and etc. Client is more excited to provide micro site to his customers so that his customers can promote their own wedding and events. Client also wanted to earn some business from this website so they want us to create seller and buyer modules

Client was clear with his requirement, they wanted to develop below things in his web application.

  • 1

    Wedding Planner must be very easy to use and user friendly

  • 2

    Customer should be able to easily find his relevant Venues and Supplier.

  • 3

    Customer must be able to create his to-do list, event list, guest list and seating planner.

  • 4

    Web application should be able to provide a budget management to customer.

  • 5

    Customer should able to create his own Wedding Website and can do some modification in color and image.

  • 6

    Advertiser users should access their own dashboard after login or register.

  • 7

    Advertiser users should be able to add Venue and Supplier and they can pay online

  • 8

    Advertiser users should have access to manage their own banners and they can pay online to display banners on venue and supplier listing.

  • 9

    Advertiser users should be able to see their advertisement statistics (various reports).

  • 10

    Advertisers users must be able to access all reviews and they must be able to reply for those reviews


ManekTech had created Wedding Planner web application using PHP. We had used our own CMS to make the web application more user friendly. We had created the solution which have following feature

  • 1

    - Customers can login or register in to this web application.
    - Also they can use Facebook for login purpose.
    - After login they can access their own dashboard.
    - Customers can easily find their venues and suppliers within web application and pay online payments via PayPal and eWay for those venues and suppliers.
    - Customer can create his to-do list for planning purpose.
    - Customer can create his events and guest list. After they can assign their event to guest list also vice versa with guest list.
    - We had developed Seating Planner modules so customer can manage his guest seating. In this module customer can send RSVP to his guest with beautiful and customized email template.
    - Customer can manage his wedding budget with our developed budget module.
    - We had provided wedding website module to customer so that he can manage his own wedding website and show his wedding related details like his wedding story, list of events etc.

  • 2

    - Same like Customer, this user can also login or register with Facebook.
    - This user can add his venue and supplier and select particular subscription package and pay online payment for that subscription package.
    - Advertiser can also add his banners and pay online payment for banner, payment is depending on banner size and position.
    - Advertiser user can see some special reports with feature of statistics module.
    - General user can add his review in Advertiser user's venue or supplier and advertiser can see that reviews and reply on it.

  • 3

    - Admin (can) have full access of this website.
    - Admin can manage all users, subscription packages, payments, reviews, CMS page etc


ManekTech had successfully completed the project on time. Within a week of launch, more than 100 Advertisement created and more than 200 customers registered in this web application. Also, in a month client had got one big advertiser for application, who is placing continuous ads on application. The ultimate objective achieved "Client Satisfaction".