Asp.Net MVC 6 Web Development Benefits

May 10 2018Written by Manektech Team

In the world of development, nothing is constant. New technologies and new design approaches are continuing to broaden the horizon. Some web development frameworks continued to remain popular over the time just because they never stopped evolving. framework is one such tremendously popular web development framework. 

Until less than a decade ago when the web was not as dynamic and interactive as we see it today, was conceived as a pretty good framework for server dependent websites. But as web continued to evolve as more dynamic, less server dependent and more flexible to accommodate client-side functions, the evolved and more powerful HTML5 laid the norms. was always conceived as a more straightforward and easy to use web development language but the only negatives that prevented it from widespread adoption are the problems concerning system configuration and versions. These two issues that pained the developers for too long finally was addressed by Microsoft and so we got MVC 6 which is a more powerful and value-added framework combining together MVC, Web API, and Web pages. 

Though MVC or motion view controller was launched as part of core but it continued to evolve to integrate other libraries and APIs and make it stronger. Now bringing together the full stack of Web API and web pages with MVC 6 it became even more powerful. Ever since it was launched, it earned the name as one of the most flexible, adaptable, and easy to build framework. Let us explain here the key advantages of the frameworks.

1. Optimized For Cloud-Based Web Apps

The best thing about new MVC 6 is that it is less dependent on System.Web.Dll. It requires less system memory to handle requests compared to the previous versions. Being cloud-optimized it also offers greater flexibility like using a simple mono CLR of the website. This allows running different CLR versions for different websites. This also helps developers do away with the constraint of system specific configuration.

2. Effortless Development With A Very User-Friendly Compiler

The new MVC 6 comes loaded with highly sophisticated Roslyn Compiler. Thanks to this compiler nobody needs to compile application code as the codes are compiled into the app automatically. This results in automatic changes following the refreshing of the browsers.

3. An Inclusive Solution For Web Development

The most formidable thing about this new framework is that it is a truly inclusive framework that takes care of the implementation of several features. While MVC, Web API, and Web Pages all had several similar and common features, they differ in implementation. Now under the ASP.NET MVC 6 all three elements respectively as MVC, Web API, and Web Pages basically accessed and deployed as part of a single framework. With the set of abstractions present in the framework, developers can maintain the tasks easily.

4. Cross-Platform Run Time

The framework is highly platform independent which allows it running across several platforms. It can be run and deployed across any platform offering support to the Mono framework including Linux, Mac or Windows. Microsoft is continuing to develop its cross-platform capability and conducting integration tests to enhance these platform-independent capabilities even more.

5. Helping With Tags

Another great feature of this new framework that can have a positive impact on the ways web views are created is the flexibility to use tags. It allows separating views with tags and thus, in turn, will also help to create alternative syntax just the way HTML5 is there. Each such tag helper can behave in different ways to allow flexibility in views. 

To conclude, MVC 6 framework has come as a huge boost to the web developers versed with .net framework. With a powerful combination and robust features, it comes loaded with more value but devoid least with constraints. 

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