4 Essential Tips to Becoming a Good Developer Towards Web Development

May 10 2018Written by Manektech Team

Just as every coin has two sides, every website has two imprints towards the end-user impressive and non impressive. When a website does not meet end-user expectations then it does create non-impressive imprint due to the bad website design, not optimized content and poor coding of the website and that website might lose its web popularity towards end user and viewer. Being a web developer what four essential points that need to take care while implementing code for website development.

Maintain Uniqueness

Here uniqueness in terms of coding for a particular website. Uniqueness is one of the most important signs for the good developer, being a good developer you should be creative while implementing a code, you should implement your own code and make sure that you are not copying the code from other websites or sources because it’s not good practice towards website development and sometimes it may prove costly and prevent you to become skilled IT professional.

Keep Clean Structure (Route)

As, it’s said “First impression is the last impression” this idiom quite follow the same when it comes to web development. When end-user doesn’t reach to the particular website destination by getting small chunks of error such as broken URL & image not found, then such a website badly suffers from the end-user experience. Being an agile developer you need to care of each and every URL route that passes through the web server and also server side scripting elements that being bound to HTML markup tags such as images, videos, etc.

Be Your Own Boss

Be your own boss in terms of website development testing. Being a good developer you need to lessen dependence on web tester or software tester. Too much dependency can create serious problems in successful website implementation. You need to overcome the small-small things yourself that requires for website testing likes spelling & grammar mistake , fonts, URL slug, image optimization, cross-browser compatibility, Meta Tags, favicon and also need to check (Mobile, Tablets & iPad View) if your website made of responsive web design.


Last but the not the least, communication is one of the Important points that plays identical role in web developer’s growth. Sometime developer needs to communicate with the project coordinator, project manager and clients to better understand the project requirements. As a developer if you are unable to improve your communication skill then you cannot compete for professional developer.

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