Industry: Media & Entertainment

Music player app that displays two music player to the user on the main screen, Both players will play the different song in each of the ear pieces, left or right. The user can switch the player earpiece and also select the different song for each player.


  • Platform: Android, iOS
  • Language: Java, Objective C
  • Architecture: MVC

Type of Services

  • Great User Interface, Focus on the player and it will reveal the extra(advance) control.
    Select a different song in each player.
    Change the player volume or playback speed for an individual player.


ManekTech’s team always took a step forward whenever it comes to accomplishing a challenging task which consists of an innovative idea.
At initial stage, when the idea was pitched by our experts it seemed impossible to create a music application which lets user listen to 2 songs at the same time.



The main objective was to develop a user-friendly application interface that will increase the joy of listening the song.
So, we developed an application where user can share earphone with the partner and listen different song in each ear-piece. Additionally, user can also listen song in the background and continue your work on mobile.
Our developers were successful in implementing this innovative idea by using delegate method for programming and conducting a research on AV Audio Player.

Additionally, for iOS the developers modified Apple’s library and connected iTunes with our application for the purpose of music storage. 



ManekTech beautifully crafted masterpiece for music lovers. The Android & iOS application that we designed not only helped us showcase our work in the best way but is also designed in an effective way that it gains visitors' attention at the first glance.
The fast loading speed, easy-to-use interface, easy navigation and the attractive design have really helped music fans discover the best and brightest of their favorite artists in a highly visual and dynamic way.

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