Industry: Healthcare & Fitness

Healthcare Web Application, entirely user friendly, specifically designed to feel like you are shopping on one of your favorite online stores. A Healthcare digital innovation is of no use until & unless we can utilize it for the human well-beings.


  • Platform: Laravel
  • Language: PHP
  • Architecture: MVC

Type of Services

  • Heanth care and Hopital search
    Usign google map integration you can find and book near by facility
    Review and Rating for each service
    Chat and mail for each appointment


For the Health Care based web application, the objective of the project was clearly understood. Client wished to provide healthcare facility that should be both economical and convenient. A website which can list the services in the healthcare industry and compare them with regards to their cash price. Cash price means there is no insurance involved. There are no negotiated rates, no third-party reimbursements and almost no paperwork. The client wanted to avail the requested service for a cash price.



ManekTech had taken the challenge and developed Costectomy, a web application which met client's expectation of providing an eCommerce platform for HealthCare Services.
The created a web application had the room for users like Super Admin, Facility Providers and Patients. All users can login to central and secure web application hosted in cloud. It facilitates its customers to book their appointment with facility provider within a range of date and even they can comfort themselves with

Key Points

  1. Responsive Design
  2. Online booking of Healthcare services
  3. Generated progress report of appointment
  4. Chat facility between doctor-patient



ManekTech had successfully completed the project and met all expectation of client by providing a modern and elegant looking web application.

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