Industry: Real Estate

Real Estate Web Application should act as a Bridge between Landlords, Realtors and Buyer/Tenants which is highly beneficial to clients who are looking to buy, sell or make an investment in the property.


  • Platform: Wordpress
  • Language: PHP
  • Architecture: CMS

Type of Services

  • Property Search View trending & latest property for sale/rent.
    Guide to buying, renting & selling property.
    Register & get updates about latest properties.


For the Real estate web application, the objective of the project is clear. Client want to build best online property finder available over the internet.We didn’t find it challenging at all as our developers have already achieved an expertise to develop real-estate application.
But major task for developers was to provide property listing by offering complex level of search filter to get the best & satisfactory results.  



ManekTech had taken the challenge and provided web application which met client's expectation. ManekTech had created a web application consists the role like Super Admin, Investors & Agents. All users can login to central and secure web application hosted in cloud using AWS (Amazon Web Services).
With implementation of elastic search facility, KW Corpus Christi proves to be the best property finder with following major modules:

  1. Administration Module - Admin can manage and see the complete process flow of the system.
  2. Agents - Agents can manage their investors by providing the Property details along with their Reports which are stored in the database.
  3. Investors - Investor can securely login to web application and can connect with Agents or Landlords as per their requirements.
  4. Complete Dynamic Reports have been generated by using the charts to represent data which displays the current market trends for any property



ManekTech had successfully completed the project and met all expectation of client for this application. As promised our company delivered a platform which acts like boon for all the major role-playing users in Real Estate Market. A modern and elegant looking web application is provided by ManekTech’s developers which even guides a novice user to think about investing.
Additionally, a complete automated platform is provided to Administrator which leads to easy content management and precise report generation.

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