Industry: Real Estate

A real estate digital marketing agency offering photography, aerial video, social media, virtual tour website Designing & Development.Building Real Estate website where they can provide a digital experience as the new standard for Real Estate Marketing.


  • Platform: Wordpress
  • Language: PHP
  • Architecture: CMS

Type of Services

  • Woocommerce logins
    Real estate related website
    Customer user pages
    Woocommerce integration


For the Real estate web application, the objective of the project is very clear. The client wanted to build best online property display website available over the internet.
The real challenge that was faced by us was to make a system which can be helpful, even for people who are totally unaware of any kind of technical stuff and cannot use website for registering into the system.



ManekTech had taken the challenge and provided web application which met client's expectation. ManekTech had created a web application consists the role like Super Admin and property owner.
We provided a solution to the challenge by developing a custom functionality that would enable admin to gather booking details on the call and fill them for the clients who are unaware of technical stuffs. For final payment stage only, the client will have to login and enter the confidential banking related information for the successful transaction.

Hence property owners post photoshoot will receive the breathtaking aerial views to 360′ interior tours, and movie like produced lifestyle videos into their account and they can post/share them on social media channels and MLS.
Photographers gets access to system just to set their weeks’ time availability so that they can be booked by the property owners for the shoot.
They can also see Complete Dynamic Reports that have been generated by using the charts to represent data which displays the response that user has received by posting property on social media channels.



ManekTech had successfully completed the project and met all expectation of the client for this application. As promised, our company delivered a platform which acts like a boon for all the major role-playing users, i.e. Property owner to set themselves apart from the competition with a professional real estate marketing video to boldly showcase the properties, highlight property detail features and surrounding local amenities.

A modern and elegant looking web application is provided by ManekTech’s developers which even guides a novice user to think about trying a new way of showing-off his/her property.

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