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Online solution through which users can find Venue, Suppliers and Planning tools like event planning, guest list, guest invitation, seating arrangement, to-do list, etc. The client was more excited to provide a micro site to his customer with all this functionality so the customers can promote their own weddings and events.


  • Platform: CORE PHP
  • Language: PHP
  • Architecture: CUSTOM

Type of Services

  • Checklist Management, Guest List Management, Seating Arrangement, Wedding website,
    Budget Calculator, Suppliers Management, Venue selection


Wedding is not just a single event, instead it’s a bunch of special moments celebrated with loved ones. Though the concept is simple but during the system development our developers encountered few difficulties as mentioned below:

  1. Implementing Comparison functionality for making it easy to select a genuine vendor or venue for the wedding.
  2. Developing a Dynamic Banner creator which converts HTML to Image format.

Client wanted us to develop a web application which would solve most of the problems faced during the ceremony which would lead a couple to what he addressed by title of a Quintessential Wedding.



ManekTech being an expert in developing Organizational Systems took interest in this very opportunity and surprised the client by creating the web application which would provide major benefits like:

  1. Extensive Filters: Our customized information system helps users identify their ideal supplier. It will ensure that the people wishing to find suppliers with our special features actually find their supplier.
  2. Statistics: The analytics built into the web application will show market leading statistics.
  3. How often is the advertisement viewed? What do users do when they access your advertisement.
  4. A platform for advertisers based on subscription model with Payment Gateway Integration


  1. Connect families with Wedding Suppliers making it easy to get everything nearby.
  2. Help couple find an adorable wedding venue as per their requirements.
  3. Additionally, Planning Tools would include: To Do List Maker, Budget Calculator, Guest Management (Seating arrangement, Event invite & Food Choice).

As a return gift for such a great opportunity, we included a section in website which would allow couples to create their own free website into the system and post about all the wonderful time they spent at their classic wedding.
Key Points

  1. Location based search functionality for Venue and Wedding Supplier.
  2. Compare functionality among the Venue and Wedding Supplier to know who offers more.
  3. Budget Calculator
  4. Website builder for couples
  5. Guest Management along with seating arrangements



ManekTech proved its expertise by achieving project objectives within schedule and as a result of it the wedding website is giving its best performance in terms of helping 5000+ couple organize their wedding with ease.


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