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Go Language, which is often referred as Golang, is a powerful open-source coding language that was introduced by Google. Golang offers an advanced approach to the programming methodologies. Being a truly adaptive multi platform app development language, Golang quickly gained popularity amongst developers for creating web and mobile apps more speedy. What makes it unique that it follows the standard human readable code. Moreover, it is synchronous and concurrent in nature, meaning you can carry out parallel coding in more systematic and strategic way. Thus, with such amazing features, developers can create, edit and compile code comparatively faster at anytime from anywhere.

ManekTech is a reliable Go Language development service provider, having a team of experienced Go Language programmers from India. With a comprehensive knowledge of Golang, they are able to build stunning mobile and cloud-based applications as well as enterprise level web projects for small and large businesses alike. Furthermore, our developers can help you seamlessly integrate other components and libraries along with other functionalities to enrich user experience. That is the reason we are trusted by many businesses when it comes to developing data driven and secure web apps with fast page load speeds. So, hire Golang developers from top rated software development company and create user-friendly and flawless applications that match your business requirements.


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Mike W.

Golang Developer | 4+ Years of experience

Mike is an experienced Golang Developer with 4+ years of professional experience. He is always interested in learning new technologies and strong knowledge about Golang development.


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  • CSS
  • Ajax
  • Web Architecture
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Golang Developer

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