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Developed by JetBrains and supported by Google, Kotlin is one of the fastest emerging technologies among both startups as well as large corporations looking for developing robust and easy to maintain native Android application. Kotlin is basically made for running on the Java Virtual Machine, therefore, it can be used at any place where Java is supported. That includes both web and Android development. Being an effective programming language, Kotlin resolves many development issues that are being encountered by mobile developers today. With its powerful features, improved readability, clean design structure and reduced development time, Kotlin has undoubtedly become the most preferred coding languages for Android application development.

ManekTech is a leading Kotlin app development company that has been offering Kotlin app development services since its inception. We help companies harness the full capabilities of Kotlin technology and scale up their business by allowing them to hire Kotlin developers for every type of project. Having a great experience and expertise in using the latest Kotlin features, we are able to provide custom Kotlin solutions that include designing of high-end mobile application integrated with best user interface and rich features. Thus, using Kotlin we can help you get top quality, native enterprise application for Android in considerably less time.


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Kotlin Developer | 4+ Years of experience

Noel is an experienced kotlin developer with 4+ years of professional experience. He is always interested in learning new technologies and strong knowledge about Kotlin application development.


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