This is an All-In-One Toolbox to store password, profile etc. This is an electronic cross-platform desktop app. This application has all the functionality like profile creation, bot, and password manager, proxy tester.

This tool is mostly used to maintain the profile and also has the feature to import-export the profile data and store in the JSON format in the application.

Users can also check the particular proxy speed in the proxy tester. There is a bot and password manager where we can securely store our password and bot information.


  • Security:

    Public key and private key encryption-decryption.

  • Tasks Management:

    Users can create tasks by entering email, choose proxy, choose state like Idle, Ready, Stop.

  • Profile Converter:

    All profile groups will be available on this screen. Users can click on all profiles to see all groups & profiles inside it or can view profiles of a single group.

  • Bot & Password Manager:

    Users can see total bots and total passwords.

  • Proxy Tester:

    All proxy lists will be available on this screen. Users can click on all proxy to see all groups & IP inside it or can view IP of a single list.


Platform Electron Cross Platform Desktop APP
Programming Language HTML, Javascript
Database Json Storage
Tools VS Code

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