This project is related to automate the machine data. System is getting machine data via APIs and it is displaying using chart on browser screen to get monitored in order to know efficiency for each machine. User has to log in to upload machine data after that, system start receiving machine data and showing it into the form of graphs. System display more information about the jobs such as number of jobs which are in progress, number of jobs which are completed etc. There are various filters in the system to filter to filter machine data.


  • Email Job Popup: This popup is having option to share job via email to any person. It is having options to enter email of recipient, subject, message, and a checkbox option to send a copy to user itself.
  • Job Details: User is able to see detail of single job where it will be displayed in form of graph images but when user will click on any graph then user is able to see live graphs.
  • Search Jobs: User is able to search jobs using following fields Date Range, User, Company, Status, Mill, Machine.
  • File Scanned: This screen is having option to upload file for a new job. Along with it, user can enter job id, posted by, job name, company, mill, machine, target variable etc. it will display success notification upon job submission.


Platform JavaScript
Programming Language React JS
Database MongoDB
Tools NetBeans

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