The client has an automotive technical information website for repairers. The website provides online technical documentation for professional automotive diagnosis and repair. Information on the website is very confidential so the client had decided to create a windows application and open the website in web viewer for customers. Customers can open the website, view all details, and cannot capture any information. This application is more reliable and secure for the user. When any user visits this application, the user cannot use any right click and cannot capture a screenshot of any page for this application. This application is also useful for Bluetooth and USB connection. Users can connect through the device via USB and Bluetooth for data transfer.


  • Security:

    When any user uses a Windows application, the user cannot use any right-click to copy the data, the user cannot capture the information from the application using screenshots or any other capture options. It will secure all the details available in the application.

  • Bluetooth/ USB Connection:

    The user will get these features to connect the device using Bluetooth and USB Connection. When any user connects with one device through USB/ Bluetooth, the user can easily transfer the data.

  • Chromium WebView:

    The website will load into the windows application using Chromium WebView. All the car-related information can be seen in the application. Users can perform all functionality provided by the website. It also checks for internet connectivity and alerts to the user. We generated the installer with digital security so no one can access the code.


Platform WPF
Programming Language C#
Database MSSQL
Tools Microsoft Visual Studio

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