Business partner matching application allows like-minded individual project owners or companies to match with one another for the purpose of working together to better position their respective projects into the future. With this application you can increase your user base, create relationships with other like-minded project persons. The mission is to connect partners together in one place so you can spend less time chasing dead ends and more time improving your business. Users can register their project with this application.

A team of industry professionals will analyze these projects and present you with potential swap partners. Users can swipe right to 'like', swipe left to 'pass" and swipe up to 'think it over'. Once they find any match, both project owners can discuss the terms for a potential swap; including number of tokens involved, disbursement amounts and time-frames as well as potential lockup periods using the Real Time Messaging feature. Once agreed upon terms, both parties can sign an exchange of digital assets agreement which is created using the agreed upon terms.


  • Web Portal: Dedicated web portal for admin and staff users to manage the projects, control messaging and closing projects.
  • Real Time Messaging: With this application, users can discuss the terms using the real time messaging feature.
  • Swipes: Using interactive swipe features, users can quickly find projects that they are interested in. Users can swipe right to 'like', swipe left to 'pass" and swipe up to 'think it over'.
  • Secure Login: Users can login securely using email and password.
  • Push notifications: App includes push notifications, so that users don’t miss any updates.


Platform iOS, Android, Laravel
Programming Language Swift, Java, PHP
Database SQLite, MySQL
Tools Xcode, Photoshop, Android Studio, Photoshop, NetBeans

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