Cannabis Marketplace is a wholesale cannabis marketplace which makes accessing Cannabis easy for members. In this platform sellers and buyers can connect directly in order to sell and buy Cannabis. Sellers can create their store, manage products and can create their products with starting price, reserve price with time limitation.

Buyers can bid on products posted by sellers and can buy directly. The highest bidder will win if the reserve price will meet otherwise the product will close and unsold. After winning the bid, buyers have to pay the product amount and product will be delivered to the buyer address.

Admin can manage everything from the admin panel related to users, products, orders, payments, membership, messages etc.


  • Trading:

    Sellers and Buyers can connect together to trade in their state at the best prices.

  • Invoice:

    Buyers can get the invoice for purchased products.

  • Direct Inquiry:

    Members can send messages to groups of operators. If an operator is interested then Cannabis Marketplace will manage the introduction.

  • Add on Services:

    Cannabis Marketplace offers other services such as packaging, sequencing, finishing, sales support, storage etc.

  • Store Creation:

    Sellers can add a store for them and can manage products for their store.

  • Membership:

    Users will have options to choose the membership as basic membership or premium membership.


Platform NodeJs with Smarty Template
Programming Language JavaScript
Database MySQL
Tools VS Code

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