Online CRM application is the first customized marketing assistant of its kind and turns your sales force into a marketing force! This application is designed so that the features of CRM can be done in a fraction of the time of the leading CRM programs. Users can use this app for personal marketing and compliance, these are the main goals behind the creation of this app. Users can import contacts and sync contacts in one time process. Users can schedule events on the calendar, manage notes for contacts, send emails and text SMS. Users can manage attachments on the events and calendars. Users can use voice commands as well to perform tasks on the app.


  • Notes Management: Users can create and manage notes from app. Users can add attachments on the notes.
  • Import Contacts: Users can import their contacts on the app via one time process. App will sync contacts automatically whenever new contacts are added.
  • Send Email: Users can send email to their contacts from the app.
  • Notifications: Users will receive notifications for events and notes reminders.
  • Send Message: Users can send text messages to their contacts from the app.
  • Event Management: Users can create and manage events from the app.
  • Voice Commands: Users can use several voice commands to perform tasks on the app.


Platform iOS
Programming Language Swift
Database SQLite
Tools XCode

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