The website provides large number of varieties for eyewear’s. User is able to customize an eyewear for him in the way he can assume. There are around 64 trillion color and pattern combinations. It's the most customizable eyewear in the world. No other shop will have an exact piece. Our goal is to provide every individual with the custom eyewear solution they deserve to achieve the clearest vision.


  • Models Selection: User is able to select models of eyewear which he/she would like to wear.
  • Pattern Selection: User is able to select some pre-defined patterns which will change entire design of eyewear and which will get set in the selected model and colors.
  • Lens Color Selection: As last step, user is able to select lens color and after that user is able to see summary of selection along with the final cost. Once user will click on buy it now button then he/she will get redirected to checkout process.
  • Color Selection: After model selection user is able to choose colors for front and back edges. User is also able to select temple and brand logo color.


Platform PHP
Programming Language Shopify
Database MySQL
Tools NetBeans

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