Digital Advertising Website provides options to users to create digital banners in order to manage digital displays.

User can see a screen where either he will be able to upload a photo or can click it using the camera option. Once the image is uploaded or clicked then the image preview will display. On image, the user will be able to perform certain actions to accomplish his job such as the user can select Backing Panel, Backing Paint, Illuminated box, Logo, Text. Users are able to adjust height, width of image and can add text on it.


  • Editor: Editor has many options to edit advertising images such as backing panel, backing paint, illuminated box, logo, text, trough lighting, window graphic, projecting sign, layers etc.
  • Job Management: All jobs will be listed and users can change their status manually by selecting status from dropdown.
  • Registration: Users are able to create an account by entering First Name, Last Name, Staff ID, Email, Password and Profile Image.
  • Client Management: Users can add new clients by filling his company name, industry, location etc. After filling details, the user either can create it as an order or can add a new job for the client.


Platform PHP
Programming Language WordPress
Database MySQL
Tools NetBeans

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