It is an eCommerce platform where users can register with a new account and access a list of products. Users are able to add a product in the cart, they can set it as a wishlist, can make the payment and see the payment delivery process there. Users can view past orders, payment history, set default payment method, manage wishlist.

Store admin will manage products, import products, prizing sets for different currencies, order history, payment history. Admin can view different kinds of reports like active users within 30 days, purchased orders within 30 days, payment transactions report, product wise reports.


  • Orders Management:

    The global administrator is able to manage order history and reports.

  • Store Management:

    The global administrator is able to manage, store admins. He is able to see a list of registered users and is able to maintain global settings for all store owners.

  • Payments Management:

    The global administrator is able to manage payment history.

  • Rewards and Redeem:

    This platform is also connected with another product from the client where the users use the app and get points and if a point reaches a certain limit, then they can redeem in this platform and purchase any product based on price.

  • Global Administrator:

    There is another role in the website which is a global administrator who is able to manage everything in the system.


Platform ASP.NET
Programming Language C#
Database MySQL
Tools MS Visual Studio, SQL Workbench

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