The application provides a training program for a group of needy people to educate them. The State Department operates the entire program where they provide a certain grant to allocate training centers. Training centers enroll trainees and manage the entire training program. It includes their staff details, expenses, manages their attendance, and provides stipends for them.

It includes the following process:

  1. The state department will create a new batch training program and allocate it to the district. 
  2. The district department will send the batch allotment to their respective block.
  3. Block department will enroll new trainees as per the batch allocation. They will send all trainee’s details to the District for approval. They will also manage their employee for managing the entire training program.
  4. The district department will review all trainees’ details and given approval, which will lead the batch for State approval.
  5. Once State will provide the final approval, The Training Center will start the program. Training Center will collect daily attendance of trainees for the training program. They will also manage expenses and report back to the State Department.


  • Attendance Management:

    After job training starts, the training center user can see the daily attendance of all the employees. They can record the daily attendance of all employees and trainees. They also can see day wise attendance and total percentage attendance of the employee.

  • Expense:

    The training center will manage all their expenses based on state rates and will report back to the State.

  • Batch Management:

    The State can see the list of batches and they can create the batch and allot them to the District. The district will send the batch to Block. The block will add the employee in the batch and send it to the District for approval. The district will verify all details and send the batch details to the State. The state will verify and provide the approval and send it to the Training Center. As the training center gets approval then batch training will start.

  • Training Center Management:

    State department can see all the training center details. The state can see the details of a trained and untrained person. Training Center can see all the employee job training details. They can also view the attendance of the employees.

  • Reports:

    The system has various reports for each department to generate MIS, view daily attendance, review running batches, completed batches.

  • Dashboard:

    Each department will have a dashboard that represents the information related to a batch allotment, ongoing training, completed training, appointed staff.


Platform ASP.NET Core
Programming Language C#
Database MSSQL
Tools Microsoft Visual Studio

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