Course Management System is a CMS based website which allows users to find the course details, duration, certification course details, trainer's details, course selection and pay online. The system is a global online community platform which connects professionals to the best training courses using reviews written by people they trust and other professionals. There are following user roles and their access:

  1. Training Provider:
    1. They should be able to Manage their User Account.
    2. Should be getting guidance via informative videos provided by Education CMS Website.
  2. Trainer:
    1. Should be able to manage Courses they teach.
    2. Should be getting guidance via informative videos.


  • LinkedIn login/registration: Any user will be able to register and login via LinkedIn and will use its authentication API.
  • Review & Rating for courses as well as for trainers: Professional users will be able to provide review and rating for courses as well as for trainers.
  • Educational courses: This website is having educational courses which are added by trainers and training providers.
  • Trainers & Professional users for course enrollment: Trainers can enroll to provide training for their added courses while, Professional users can enroll in order to have classes for those courses.
  • Provided intelligent search: This module will provide a micro level search where, user will be able to identify whether the suggested search result is a trainer, a training provider or a course.


Platform WordPress
Programming Language PHP
Database MySQL
Tools NetBeans

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