Electric Chargepoint Booking Application is the first kind of an app that lets you book Electric Car chargepoint booking on the go. It is an peer-to-peer mobile application which brings together Electric vehicle users with need of EV charging points and EV charging point owners. Users can search for all types of charging point at nearby location in Google Map. Electric charging point owners can create an account in the app. Anyone who have accessible and compatible chargepoint can share it for desired fee, manage booking using this app and increase revenue. Users can search and book these charging points via mobile app.


  • Messages: Users and Owners will receive in-app messages as well as email messages for booking related updates.
  • Social Login: For easy access to applications, users can login using Google and Facebook social accounts.
  • Push notifications: App includes push notifications, so that users don’t miss any updates.
  • Google Map View: App uses Google Map to view and navigate to nearby charge points. Charge points are beautifully managed via clustering technology of Google Map.
  • Manage EV Chargepoints: Electric Chargepoint owners can add manage their chargepoints via mobile app. They can enable/disable chargepoint at any time and also set available timings for bookings.
  • Search: Users can search for addresses and application will show nearby Electric charge points in the map. Search will automatically suggest addresses via Google Place search. Users can also apply filters for various types of chargepoints and availability.
  • Online Payment: Users can pay for the booking via mobile app itself. Users will be charged for the booking fee via pre-authorized payment which is secured by Stripe payment gateway.
  • Manage Bookings: Users and Owners both can manage their bookings via mobile app itself. Whenever there is a new booking request, it will be automatically added to booking sections of the app. Similarly, confirmed bookings can also be viewed from the booking section.


Platform iOS, Android, Laravel
Programming Language Swift, Java, PHP
Database SQLite
Tools XCode

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