This website is based on electric scooters and electric mountain bikes. To save the environment, the company launched  electrice transport. Users can buy an electric scooter or bike and use them as their daily  transport. There are 7 types of electric scooters. Every scooter has a different configuration and different manuals. Every product is lightweight so users can easily use it.

Users can see all the information of the scooter and bike on websites like price, functions, payment options, manual  and all 7 types of scooters.


  • Payment:

    For payment option, a person can pay by either paypal or by credit card. If the user doesn't want to pay in one go then the user has the option to pay in 3 EMI which will be an interest-free payment option by paypal.

  • Product Specification:

    In the product information users can see details like vehicle type, Delivery type, Payment options, Warranty etc.

  • Manual download:

    All products have different manuals which users can download in PDF form in order to see more detail.


Platform PHP
Programming Language WordPress
Database MySQL
Tools NetBeans

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