With Family Social Media App, people can keep their family tree connected forever. With this app, family members from generations ago can send anniversary wishes to their loved ones or can create a happy birthday wishes for future by text or video for a newborn relative that they wouldn't see until their certain birthday. App assigns a unique family code to each side of the family and it enables relatives to stay connected for generations allowing them to communicate now and in the future. People can send a message to a family member now, or create a photo, video or text to be delivered to family members in the future time. People can build a page for a new family member to store baby pictures and memories until he or she is old enough to add to it independently. People can create their own picture-will through a collage of photos, videos, messages and allows unborn relatives in the years to come to know them by inheriting all their post and revisiting their happiest times together.


  • News Feed:Users can view posts from other family members in the news feed screen. Users can like posts as well. Users can add their own posts and share on news feed.
  • Comments: Users can like posts and add comments on the posts.
  • Future Messages: Users can future messages to their loved ones by selecting future date and time. Receiver will be able to view future messages at specified date and time only.
  • Wall: Users can view their own posts in the wall area and view comments. Users can delete the post from there.
  • Messaging: Users can send messages to their family members and chat with them.
  • Connections: Users can send family code to their family members and they can join the platform. Users can view all the family members in the family members area.
  • Push Notifications: App includes push notifications, so that users don’t miss any updates.


Platform iOS, Android, Laravel
Programming Language Objective-C, Java, PHP
Database SQLite, MySQL
Tools XCode, Android Studio, NetBeans, FileZilla

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