Tool which is design in a way to synchronizing files/folders from local system cloud platform same as like drop-box. No need to switch between apps, systems due to your workspace is at one place and well managed. User having its own account and space at cloud platform (workspace is managed by client itself at cloud platform). While s/w installed at that time we need to choose the directory path to where the files will be synchronizing. User can easily store and create its own repositories of its important files and it will be available at cloud at real-time. If user will add / update / delete the files in local, then it will be auto update at cloud repository too vice-versa.


  • Easy to use: All the contents, file and folders are at same place. It also has user interface for file log like last writing time, last creation time, etc. There is an option of pause / resume to synchronize the files.
  • Real Time Sync: If any user wants to add/delete the files from then it will also update at clouds too and vice -versa.
  • OpenID Connect Login: It is an authentication protocol, so each time user needs to log in to a File Sync App using OIDC, user is redirected to File Sync OpenID App where user login, and then taken back to the app.
  • Pinned Folder: It is one of the important features as it creates the folder in Windows Explorer for the File Synchronization App. If user put any document in that folder then after login in App, document automatically sync into the server. Even user can directly useful folder using the Windows Explorer.


Platform .NET Framework 4.5
Programming Language C#
Database MSSQL
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