The project was based on Gym. The coach will manage a workout for every user who is joined with them. They manage their daily activities, calendar, different workout sessions. On each workout, they track specific readings for the exercise. They are able to join new workout sessions and are able to track their progress with other users too. The app was built for Android and IOS users and it supports all device resolutions. It allows Facebook/ apple authentication to login to the application. It also has an admin panel where admin can manage all activities and track every user. Users are able to register through the web application and mobile application to join.


  • Profile:

    Profile to manage the personal information for the user. Users are able to upload a profile picture.

  • Calendar:

    Calendar shows daily activities, scheduled events for the users and users are able to withdraw from a workout or join from the listing.

  • Leaderboard:

    We are displaying the leaderboard with scores against exercises. Users are able to compare it with other users, can view videos of exercises if available.

  • WorkOut:

    We have implemented a workout module which shows workout sessions, can track exercises, and is able to add readings to exercise, view exercise results.

  • Facebook/Apple Authentication:

    We have implemented Facebook and apple authentication for Android/IOS users of the app.

  • Contract/Sepa:

    Contract and Sepa is managed to add additional information for the exercises.


Platform Xamarin Forms and Asp.Net Web API
Programming Language C#
Database MS SQL
Tools Visual Studio, SQL Management Studio, Android Emulator

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