This website has only a landing page where there is a survey form filled by users. The form is divided into 5 steps where users have to fill text in some fields and have to choose some fields.  Upon submission, all data will be stored in the admin panel and based on a data report will be generated.

There is a lot of customization done in the reporting module. Admin can choose parameters for reporting such as date range selection, select the data which needs to display in report pdf, can add conditional logic, select if report pdf will have only text data or pie charts or graphs etc.


  • Statistics:

    This is a custom dashboard page created in WordPress admin where admin can see consolidated reports in the form of pie charts. This page will display the overall average of answers for each question which are selected by the end user.

    Admin can filter the data based on date range and can export the details in PDF form.

  • Reports:

    This is gravity form default module where customization is done based on client needs. In report section, admin will be able to filter records based on:

  • Date Range
  • Conditional logic like if any field contains/ does not contain that only data should display in the report PDF.
  • Report format - Data should be exported as either in Pie or in bar or in table format.
  • Saved Reports - Save reports either for individual customer data or for all customers.
  • Select fields to export.


Platform PHP
Programming Language WordPress
Database MySQL
Tools NetBeans

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