This platform is designed to offer services in the medical industry where hospitals keep track of their staff members, patients and their activities. There are multiple user roles in the system who are having different roles and responsibilities. A system administrator is one who can manage everything such as System administrator can set up an account for the hospital admin. Hospital admin will create staff users, will add patients, patient transfer from one hospital to another hospital. Staff users take care about patient related activities, their health, their medicines, their reports etc.


  • Hipaa Compliance:

    The application is built with Hipaa compliance.

  • Administrator:

    System administrator can set up an account for hospital admin.

  • Hospital Admin:

    Hospital admin can see patient activity reports and permits for each staff member. Hospital admin can only see the data for their own hospital.

  • Staff User:

    Staff users can perform different activities. They take care of patients and record their tracking details in the system like their food, medicine, blood pressure and many more.

  • Patient:

    For patients, Hospital admin can register their family members who can login to the system and can see every detail about the patient. They can review each day's activity of the patient.


Platform DotNetNuke
Programming Language C#
Database MS SQL
Tools MS Visual Studio, SQL Management Studio

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