This is a cloud based EMR for Health Care Providers. This is a complete online solution for Patients, Providers, Hospitals and Facilities with Appointments Booking, EMR and Medical Billing.

There are different options for provider and client to sign up and login. It has modules to manage files, codes, bills, insurance companies, HRM section, appointments, and services.


  • Data Management

    Basically, this module is managing all main data. This module has multiple sub modules such as company info, code groups, superbills, template management, status code, insurance companies, states, countries, cities which can be managed from this module.

  • HRM Section

    This section will have details of all providers, users, roles & permission. Admin can add notes using provided modules and will be able to manage the status of notes.

  • Appointments

    This module will have a list of all appointments. The appointments can be rescheduled, can take followup, can see history of appointment, superbill, referrals, manage electronic orders, scan/attach documents, plan etc.

  • Services

    In this section following things will be managed - health facilities, plans management, health centers, best provider categories, best providers.

  • Configuration

    General settings and CMS page content will be managed using this module.


Platform ASP.NET MVC
Programming Language C#
Database MySQL
Tools VIsual studio 2019, MySQL Workbench

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