This website requires authentication to explore it. Only the administrator can create customers to login into this website. 

Once a user is logged they can see the Dashboard. On this website, users can see posts from different organizations in different categories. Users can follow the organization and category to get regular updates if there is something posted in the following organization/category.

Users can save their favorite post and can refer to those later. In this website, users will have notification options. Users can see the profile section from where they can change your preference for email notifications, organization and categories they are following. Users can unfollow those from the same place.


  • Saved Resources:

    Users can see the list of resources saved.

  • Rating & Reviews:

    Users can see the rating and reviews for the resources and can also give the rating and reviews for the resources.

  • Resource Category:

    It will list the categories, followed by the user. By clicking one category, it will show the listing of resources related to the category.

  • Resource Listing / Search:

    Users can search the resources by selecting sector, resource type and resource format, tags or keywords. Based on the selection, it will list all the resources which will be available to view in either Grid View or List View.


Platform PHP
Programming Language WordPress
Database MySQL
Tools NetBeans

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