Using IoT GPS Tracking mobile app, people can protect their loved ones, valuable assets or vehicles by keeping track of their real-time location via mobile app. The mobile app uses GPS tracking devices with IoT technology and GPS location tracking to achieve this. People can use the mobile app as well as the web portal to manage their GPS devices and track the GPS location and status of each device in real time. The app can be used for vehicle tracking, kids tracking, elderly person tracking, asset tracking, etc. purposes.  People can define safety regions using location geofencing and they can be notified if GPS device is outside or inside the safety region. People can assign a GPS device to the asset or loved ones and can be presented with vital data comprised of live location updates, movement alerts, geofence alerts, low battery alerts, fall alerts, collision alerts, SOS alerts via push notifications on mobile app, email or SMS.


  • Asset Management: People can manage their GPS devices using web portal and assign devices to loved ones, important assets or vehicles.
  • Asset Monitoring: Using Mobile app and web portal, people can monitor live location of GPS device which allows visibility of their assets in real time.
  • Geofencing:People can set safety regions from mobile app and web portal. The mobile app and web portal will receive instant notifications when GPS devices are in proximity to safety zones using Geofencing techniques.
  • Device Alerts: People can recieve vital alerts like movement alerts, geofence alerts, battery alerts, fall or collision alerts, SOS alerts via push notification on mobile app, email or SMS.
  • Location History: People can view detailed location history for each GPS device on Google Map from mobile app and web portal.
  • Account Control: Users can manage alerts type and turn on-off the alerts from Mobile app and web portal.
  • Web Portal:Dedicated web portal for company users to manage their devices and monitor their assets.
  • Notifications: Mobile app and web portal receive important notifications like movement alerts, device on/off alerts, geofence alerts, battery alerts, fall or collision alerts, SOS alerts, etc. So that users don’t miss any updates.


Platform iOS, Android, Laravel
Programming Language Swift, Java, PHP
Database SQLite, MySQL
Tools XCode, Android Studio, NetBeans, FileZilla

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