Using IoT Smart Home Appliance automation application, people can manage their IoT enabled exhaust fans. People can create a customized color ambiance for exhaust fan in your bathroom or other humidity-prone rooms. People can control light settings like colored or white, light brightness, set automated timers, control the fan, or create scenes with your favorite colors. All this is possible with this IoT enabled best home automation app. A spa-like experience is only the tap of your screen away via this Bluetooth™ connected IoT app.


  • Timer Feature: App has automated timer feature for fan and LED lights.
  • Light Settings: Users can control & change LED light settings with phone.
  • Offline Usage: Users can use app without internet connection.
  • Fan Settings: People can control & change the fan settings with their phones, no remote or switch needed.
  • Scenes Feature: Set multiple color ambiance of LED light using Scene play feature.
  • Easy Setup: Anyone with their BLE enabled phones can connect with their BLE enabled fans easily using onboarding setup in app.
  • Notifications: App includes local notifications, so that users don’t miss any updates.


Platform iOS, Android
Programming Language Swift, Java
Database SQLite
Tools XCode, Android Studio

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