It is a cross-platform application used as a display of products over the screen in the showroom. The application allows users to perform searching and filtering of products and view details of it, it also allows a user to view video added by-product owners so they can get a better idea of the product. The application has the capability to work online as well as offline. In offline mode application fetch all required data from the central database and store it in the local database, which allows flexibility to showroom owner to move device anywhere without an internet connection.


  • Support: It provides the supports to all users by entering the issue user are facing.
  • Online/Offline: This feature allows us to use this app in online and offline also. In offline, all data fetch from central database and store in local database. It provides the capability of working with/without online feature also. User can sync the unique identifier of the product with the app.
  • Product Presentation: This feature allows us to see the products from all categories and tags. It provides all the information related with product. They also provide a video link for the Product.
  • Tickets: In offline, user can post the queries of tickets in which it sends name, email, contact number, etc. When user sync those data with online all the data goes to the live central database.


Platform Electron, WordPress
Programming Language JavaScript, PHP
Database SQ Lite, MYSQL
Tools Visual Code, NetBeans

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