Oil Pickup CRM Application provides used cooking oil recycling, grease collection solution and a dependable and comprehensive waste management, for all types of restaurant-related businesses.

Client's company is into collecting waste oil and provides free bins to their members. Issue the client was facing was that they wanted to collect bin when the bin is 80% filled, but earlier they were not able to measure when they needed to collect bin from the particular spot. So, this CRM is solution of client's issue.


  • Driver Management: CRM creates driver’s daily rout and send to drivers. Driver is informed by system to pick up the filled bin.
  • Real Time Service Reports: Every service performed by Oil Pickup CRM will be logged in your system. No more searching for service reports or manifests.
  • Payment History: CRM manages payment, oil pickup and drop related records.
  • Admin Module: Admin is be able to add members and is able to view the driver’s activity.


Platform Core PHP
Programming Language PHP
Database MySQL
Tools NetBeans

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