It is a web application to manage invoices and pay Invoices for Judicial Administrative Company. The website has a different type of user Lawyer, Firm Manager, Company, Adjuster who can see their Invoice and pay them accordingly. There is a facility to pay automatically in web applications. The system can send a reminder to the user as per the User's preferred timings.

Application has very good functionality to import CSV data from QuickBooks which is very popular accounting software. It will have the ability to create email templates and reminders through fax, email or/and print.


  • Invoice Management: It shows the list of invoices to admin and super admin. It also provides the filteration based on different category and payment. Invoices has two types unpaid and paid invoices list. Invoice will be done through Pay Now, New Credit Card/Bank Account and Paycheck.
  • Memorized Transaction: Memorial Transaction it creates the duplicate entry in memorized transaction so any one can use the old details by selecting it. It is a creating the memorial Transaction template. Admin and Super-admin can create this template by entering all the details in it.
  • Late Fee Integration: Admin must add the days for late fee of the charge. E.g. If my day is completed on 15 September and I have added the 5 days then my late fee will start from 20 September. We can add the late fee based on percentage and flat rate price.
  • Templates: It shows the list of email templates that is going use for the notice and the other things. It will automatically send the email with the notice and the template. Only admin and super admin have the option to add, edit and delete the templates.


Platform Laravel
Programming Language PHP
Database MYSQL
Tools NetBeans

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