The whole project is created in Mobile App to manage all facilities related to Apartments, this project module created to do Admin stuff for jobs in apartments, in which users can create job requests from mobile app and Dispatcher (here dispatcher is sub Admin user) can verify it using the admin site and confirm and assign to particular vendors. As this module is used by Subdomain, it has the facility to turn on and off functionality modules from the admin panel, which replicate instantly in software using the sockets.


  • OTA update: Whenever we make any changes or add any new feature, we can provide it as an OTA update, so no need at user level to download it again and install.
  • Access Rights: This application is based on access rights. Based on the different options will hide/show the other features
  • Real Time Chat: Dispatchers can do real time chat with other users. We have added Socket integration for real time chatting.
  • Properties Management: Here, we can see the list of properties available in the list. We can also see the details of the property. Users can also see the properties based on GEO Location.


Platform Electron
Programming Language JavaScript
Database MySQL
Tools VS Code

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