Online Auction Software which allows new kind of shopping market for premium products and experiences. It offers you an exciting way to win the products and experiences in the retail price. It provides the best auction experience possible.


  • Auto Bid: If the bidding is start and user is not available at that time, then bid will be done automatically.
  • Login integration: Any user can do login using the social media feature also.
  • SMS Integration: In this website, SMS is integrated so the user can get the important notifications regarding products, bidding, etc.
  • Live Chat support: In case any user is getting any trouble using the auction website, user can chat directly to the support. Kayako Live chat functionality feature is used in the website.
  • Direct Buy Now Option: Any user can directly buy the product also. There is also an option for the bidding the product.
  • User Gems (wallet points): In auction Website, if any user has gems available then they can use in the auction and after winning auction, website will provide some gems to user.
  • Payment Integration: In payment, our website is using the feature of cryptocurrency and Paypal.


Platform Node (Express), Socket.io
Programming Language JavaScript
Database MySQL
Tools Visual Code

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