Online Hospital Services Web Application is a hospital website, providing health care services to the residents. It provides health care access to all patients. The hospital operates with a medical staff of over 380 physicians and has several specialty clinics and outpatient primary care clinics operated by the County Health Department.

It is having several centers that provide field-specific services. In order to display the services of each one, we have created subsites using a multi-website concept.


  • Find a Doctor: Listing includes all doctors who see patients at Online Hospital Service Web Application or through the County Health Department through appointment and health clinics.
  • Patients: It shows the detail listing of before visit, during visit and after visit of patients. It also have insurance details, billing details and medical records of patients.
  • Visitors: In this, it will have details like visiting hours, guidelines for visitors, gift shop, local resources and visitor resources.
  • Resources: Resources will have garden cafĂ©, interpreters, location and spiritual care.
  • Community: In community, it provides the classes like nursing education, trauma prevention programs, matter of balance and share the pain program.


Platform WordPress
Programming Language PHP
Database MYSQL
Tools NetBeans

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