This platform has a website and app both where the website is a promotional/Marketing for education app. This website has information pages where the admin can manage all the pages very easily from the admin panel. There are separate APP settings pages provided where admin can update the general items.

Its aim is to provide an interactive and integrated platform for teachers, students and principals to build digital assets from a pre-school and to manage routine school operations efficiently.

APP has features for teachers to check students, messages, attendance, videos, events etc.


  • Video Library:

    Users can view in-house video libraries.

  • Query Board:

    Users are able to ask queries using this module. This will have a history of previous queries.

  • Leave Management:

    Users are able to add their leaves from the app.

  • Events:

    Users are allowed to view all upcoming events.

  • Manage Schools:

    This app provides an online cloud platform to manage the school.


Platform PHP
Programming Language Laravel
Database MySQL
Tools NetBeans

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