Online Mass Text Messaging is a lead capture, mass texting platform anytime you have an incoming caller to one of the phone numbers that you own, Online Mass Text Messaging decides whether it’s a landline or it’s a cellphone. And if it’s a cellphone number, it grabs the cellphone number and puts it in a text distribution list. Using the web application, the user will be able to see and reply to their text messages without using their phone. It becomes an invaluable tool for my selling and BUYING real estate needs.


  • Mass Text Messaging: Chose multiple numbers by area code to add to your account to send from and to use on your businesses. It connects you to an incoming caller while they are listening to your audio recording reply. It also sends text messages via multiple phone numbers at the same time, thus reducing tedious carrier blockage.
  • Automatic List Population: Anyone who calls or texts any of this web application numbers gets added to your contact lists. The web application system automatically decides if the incoming caller’s phone number is a land line or a cellular phone line. Every cellular phone number is added to a text distribution list attached to the web application phone number your prospect calls. Now you can text anyone who has ever contacted you in one shot!
  • Don’t Rely on Data Plans: With abilities such as automated call history importing, contact importing tool and unlimited contacts in a group and all without using your data plan, it is the best mass texting app in existence! We don’t tie to your phone. Our servers take care of all the sending!


Platform WordPress
Programming Language PHP
Database MYSQL
Tools NetBeans

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