The application contains various multi-purpose functionality, which allows users to manage inventory without an internet connection and check profit using a graph. but the main objective of the application is to monitor the website with the javascript code.

It allows to manage CRUD operation to monitor website as well, so the user can track with site monitor running and which completed. It also allows the user to login with Discord as a sign-in option, so the user can just click on the button and login without giving any personal details of him/her.


  • Inventory Management: The user can see the list of inventory. Users can sort and search the inventory. Users can also add inventory.
  • Monitoring Browser: Admin can see the list of websites in a list and grid view. Admin can start and stop the websites. Admin can also create the task by entering the URL link. Admin has the option to start and delete the tasks.
  • Autoclicker: Here, the user will monitor the token and channels. The user will add the keyword in the Link Opener and discord the joiner also. Users can see the list of logs with particular dates and times.


Platform JavaScript
Programming Language Electron
Database MySQL
Tools VS Code

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