It provides any user to generate payment receipts without even signing up to the website. Users can make one-time payments and get their receipts based on their input. The application has some predefined templates which users can use.

It includes the following steps to generate and download the receipt:

  1. The user will select the template from predefined templates.
  2. Users can edit the template by filling in all the details like add logo, company name, company address, employee name, employee address, hours of work, rate, etc. It will also calculate the tax contingents and the user can assure the final amount after deductions.
  3. Users can view the preview of the receipt.
  4. To download the receipt, the user has to enter his/her Email ID. Users can also see the order details and the user has to pay a certain amount to get their receipt.
  5. After payment is done, the user will receive the receipt in PDF format.


  • Receipt Generation:

    The user will generate the receipt by selecting the template and adding the details of the template. Users can edit and view the filled template.

  • Receipt Download:

    The user can download the receipt by entering its Email Id and paying the amount of the receipt. Once done, users will receive its receipt on its Email in PDF format.

  • Receipt Resend:

    If the user wants to use his/her past receipt. Users will enter his/her Email Address on the website and the user will get their old receipt in PDF format.


Platform ASP.NET Web API
Programming Language C#
Database MSSQL
Tools Microsoft Visual Studio

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