It is an online platform for independent restaurants. Basically, there are two types of users: Restaurant User and Normal User.

  1. The restaurant user can log in and add details food kit & recipe. In the food kit, it will have a bunch of food items for multiple peoples. Restaurant users also set delivery days and lead time so they can select particular regions where they can deliver. Restaurant user will add their account details to receive the amount. Discount code features are also available, so the restaurant will add a code ad user can use that discount code.
  2. Normal user can purchase kits online using a card, users can apply discount code on kits. This site has a cart functionality and multiple kits are purchased in the web application.


  • Kits Management: Kits will be added by restuarant users. Normal users will browse the food items. Food items will be available in different categories. Normal users can add multiple kits to the cart.
  • Delivery Management: Normal user order will be routed to the individual restaurants for fulfillment and delivery. Normal users will get delivery tracking information and provide the delivery kit within 1-3 working days. In every individual kit listings, it has mentioned the specific information on delivery.
  • User Management: There will be two types of users: Restaurant user and Normal user. Restaurant users will log in and add details related to the kit & recipe of food. They will also set the delivery days to deliver in particular regions. Normal users will purchase kits and recipes online. They will do the payment using a card.
  • Discount Management: Discount Code will be set by Restaurant user. Restaurant user will add discount code in the food kits and the normal user will use the discount code.


Platform Angular & Node
Programming Language JavaScript
Database Mongo DB
Tools VS Code

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