Online SMS-MMS Marketing is dedicated to providing businesses with competitive advantages ranging from increased workflow efficiency and safety through to decreasing losses in communication expenses. Online SMS-MMS Marketing is a leading provider of participatory television programming and interactive telephony technology for the fast-growing cross-platform digital entertainment sector.

With over 10 years of mobile marketing experience, Online SMS-MMS Marketing has the knowledge and experience to bring your campaign to life, ensuring success.


  • MMS Marketing: Easily attach pictures and media to your text marketing campaigns to further increase engagement and response ROI. MMS also allows you to send up to 1,200 characters in the body of your text messages, giving you the power to say and share more.
  • Real-time Dashboard: Measuring your success in real-time is fun and easy with your campaign dashboard, keep track of progress with the graphical interface provided or ask a we application specialist to customize your tools for each campaign.
  • Powerful Reporting: Gain some incredibly useful insight into your text marketing efforts. With everything from opt in/out graphs to geographical stats and link tracking, this web application platform records all the important things you need to know about measurement so you can improve every-time.
  • SMS Marketing: Bulk text messaging made easy. We’ve streamlined the process and have made it incredibly intuitive to get your message out fast and accurately. Whether you’re at a computer or on the go, you’ll have no problem creating your campaign.


Platform WordPress
Programming Language PHP
Database MYSQL
Tools NetBeans

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