This application offers solutions for sending gifts to the user. The user has to linked his/her account with Facebook so he/she can see his list of friends in this application. If the user wants to buy something he will put it into the wishlist and his/her common friends can see the user wishlist. Friends will contribute to the gift and it will deduct from the actual price. User can see this wishlist and his/her friends wishlist. The user will receive the notification once your friend gifts you. At last, user can see their order history and they also post it on their Facebook timeline.


  • User Wishlist: The user can see the list of products based on category. Users can add products to their Wishlist. User can see his/her total products in the Wishlist.
  • Friends Wishlist: It will display all the items of the users who are connected to you so that the user can contribute to the item. There will be a "Contribute " button so that the user can go to the contribute page. The user will also see who contributed how much and what is left of the items price.
  • Contributions: The user can see the price of a particular product added to the Wishlist. Friends can also see the price of the product. Friends will contribute and it will deduct from the total price. Users can pay only for the remaining price.
  • Event Management: It will show the list of peoples invited in the wishlist for the event. Users can also search for friends. User to be able to list upcoming events like birthdays, bachelor’s parties, etc. Add events to the user’s timeline to enable other users to see them in the event list.


Platform Xamarin Forms (Android and iOS)
Programming Language C#, ASP.NET Core API
Database MSSQL
Tools Microsoft Visual Studio

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