Using the Parking Spot Finding mobile app, people can easily find a parking spot nearby. Users can get real time parking availability, recommendation and parking spot information using this mobile app. This app leads the vehicle users to the nearest available parking space doing real-time analysis of parking availability within defined areas. Users can select the parking spot and use GPS navigation to reach the parking spot. If a user is on the way to the parking spot and the parking spot is occupied, then this app notifies the user and suggests new parking spots nearby immediately.


  • Social Login:For easy access to applications, users can use their account using Facebook login and Google login features.
  • Easy Search:Users can use their current location to view nearby parking spots or search address to view the parking spots nearby that address.
  • Navigation:User can navigate to the parking spot using navigation.
  • Smart Suggestions:User will receive an alert in case selected parking spot is occupied and app will also suggest other nearby parking spots.
  • Push Notifications:App includes push notifications, so that users don’t miss any updates.


Platform React Native, Laravel
Programming Language JSX, PHP
Database SQLite, MySQL
Tools Visual Studio Code, Android Studio, XCode, NetBeans, FileZilla

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