The website offers a beautiful range of gifts with options to personalize.  From elegant glassware etched with stunning designs, printed tote bags, personalized jewelry, engraved stationery and more. The website offers perfect gift for any occasion which includes birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine's, Christmas, New Year, corporate events etc. Along with option of Personalize Gifts, it also offers gift wrap & greeting card to complete the entire gift giving process with ease. This website also offers online delivery which can surprise a friend or loved one by having the special gift sent directly to them.


  • Gift Vouchers: User will be able to purchase and send gift vouchers
  • Loyalty Member: With a membership, user can start earning loyalty points on every purchase which will be used for future purchases. There will be more points when user review products.
  • Retailers: Any user can be authorized retailers by contacting to website team.
  • Multi-Currency: This website offers to convert the price into 8 currencies.
  • Shop by Event: User experience is so easy as they can find their specific gifts by browsing for events or using categories.


Platform Magento 2
Programming Language PHP
Database MySQL
Tools NetBeans

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