Using Property Management Mobile application and dashboard real estate companies can manage their properties, inventories, home inspections, surveyors and work-flow process from anywhere over the cloud. Clients can add, organise and monitor their properties through custom portfolios. Each portfolio holds full and detailed profiles for each of the properties. Clients can securely upload and store external documents for each property portfolio. Client can track the progress of instructions real-time with status reporting tools, from the field through to report delivery. For each property, within each portfolio, a status history of appointments, notes and administrators compiles as users work.


  • Property Reports: From dashboard clients can gather and report such analysis with ease: check instruction levels and status conditions, outstanding reports etc.
  • Inspection Management: Inspection services provide associated detailed records and details the internal condition of a property and its contents which is fair, objective and impartial.
  • Property Management: Clients can add all their properties into a portfolio. Users can also add all rooms, upload external files/documents and create exact templates of each property saving time on future instructions by reducing re-keying of data.
  • Offline Support: App also works offline and sync data with dashboard.
  • Portfolio Management:Clients can create a portfolio and add then add a property to it. Each portfolio holds full and detailed profiles for each of the properties.
  • Inventory Management: Clients can use inventories services such as inventory makes, ingoing and outgoing inventories, check in & outs, interim inspections, legionella risk assessments, floor plans.


Platform React Native, Laravel
Programming Language JavaScript, PHP
Database SQLite
Tools -

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