Real Estate Listing website lists properties to buy, to rent, and for auction. Users can create an account, verify his/her email address and he/she is ready to start using the website.

It is a global marketplace and interactive platform for residential rental, commercial rental, buy residential and commercials, holiday rental, short term rental, live online auction.

Website has a module to manage meetings using a calendar. It will include meeting title, time, details like if it is a video tour or person touror video chat etc. Users are able to cancel the meeting using options provided in the calendar only.


  • Contracts: Property detail will include contract details which will show information about lease contract, monthly rent, security deposit, first payment.
  • Payment Options: Users can pay using bank transfer, apple pay, credit card payment.
  • Bid at Auction: Users can create an auction bidder account and participate in auctions.
  • Multi Language: Website is available in multiple languages.
  • Signature: Users are able to add their digital signature while signing for a lease contract.
  • Video Chat Meeting: Users are able to have a video call feature within the website and can start meeting from there only instead of using any external tool/website.


Platform PHP
Programming Language Ruby on Rails
Database MySQL
Tools NetBeans

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